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NSPIRE Outreach is raising support to serve the homeless in the Charlotte, NC area. Our clothing drives provide jobs, housing, food, employment, clothing and a 12-month transitional program opportunity.

NSPIRE has opened up its first housing, and is providing residence for our first clients. We have had our first 2 graduates in one year's time. They have moved into their own homes, secured outside employment, and have moved forward into a new beginning.

In six years, the Atlanta program blossomed into a powerful process that serves 50-70 indlviduals in residence. We expect similarly powerful results in the Charlotte area. Thank you for your support and come back to this site often for exciting updates of lives being transformed.

Feel free to call our toll free number at 1-800-775-9020 with questions. Also visit our Atlanta site at nspireoutreach.org to see our vision for the Charlotte area.